Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Coffee, Please

Am I going to go into work an hour early with my notebook and my computer, or am I going to stay in my loft and fuck around? I've been up and trying to work and it's this stop and start dance with the plot. Damnit. I went to sleep late and woke up late with a headache and something makes me think there's not enough coffee in the world to clear this up and I can't work tonight because I've got this run-through for the fashion show and packing and cleaning and my outline isn't right yet. And I really, rrrrrrrreally want my outline to be right, because then I can continue writing and... I don't know... finish draft 2 or something.

Fuck. I'm going to get up and get ready and go down and open the restaurant. And then I'm going to sit in the dining room and try to assert some order to this mess while fielding the incessant questions of idiot tourists.

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