Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bottles & Cans

I stayed in Friday night to write. Saturday night, knowing Bottles & Cans would play at 10, I did a little research at the Mercury Lounge.

And by "research" I mean me, wearing second skin black jeans and an opera length pearl necklace, stretched out in a leopard print stool at the bar drinking Honey Bourbon neat and casually singing along with the music. Twangy blues, Southern jazzy; god these guys are good. I don't pay much attention to local bands or live music around town but I always check for when Bottles & Cans plays at Mercury.

Rarely-to-never do I fail to influence others into this bar when the band is scheduled for a show. Likewise, one of the characters in LPT, Ren Massey, is capable of similar persuasion. At one point in the novel, Ren invites Cameron to accompany her friends to Mercury Lounge where Bottles & Cans is performing. There, she meets a plot-changing character. I can't imagine mentioning another Savannah band except for maybe... Dope Sandwich... But since when does Dope Sandwich play at Mercury? Exactly.

The following is a terrible clip of a great band. My iPhone just doesn't do them justice.

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